Hi, I’m Jon. My background is in web-based systems development, where I develop, and deploy systems on the web, as well as getting involved with server configurations. My experience of developing these systems so far has mostly been in a startup environment, using the latest technologies such as Docker, which you can probably see from this blog. Recently, I have been involved in several projects, both as a manager, and developer, in Singapore, and China. One such project is NeuRec, an open source Python package containing a large number of neural recommender models out of the box. This blog can be seen as a collection of notes containing information that I had to piece together from different sources or could not find when developing. I have put these notes on the web for others to view as a way of giving back to the web community, albeit a small contribution, which I have taken from for a long time. When posting to this blog, I will try not to repeat information that is available else. You can find me on GitHub and Keybase.

Reading list

Here is a list of books, web pages, etc, I would like to read:

I will expand this list as time goes on.

Upcoming projects

Below is a list of projects which I plan on developing in my free time:

I will also update this list as things develop.